Saturday, 15 September 2007

I think I've got everything

And even if I don't, I suppose as long as we have our passport and air tickets, that's all we really need. James reckons I've packed too much stuff, but I guess I just want to be prepared for nearly all eventualities, and apparently it's a bit of a girl thing, to overpack. Still, we're only taking his huge macpac and for me, a largeish daypack (i.e. I won't have a large pack of my own), so it's still not too bad. So far his macpac is about 15kg, which is frankly nothing compared to the weight of the suitcases my family regularly brings back from Hong Kong! Then again, this is a completely different kind of trip...
I guess the travel preparations aren't really that exciting compared to the trip itself, so I might leave it there for now - the next update will be when I get some internet access in KL Airport or Delhi!

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