Thursday, 2 July 2009

From Yosemite to San Francisco

There are a lot of routes from Yosemite to San Fran, and we were recommended at a tourist info centre to go through the historic goldrush region which included such towns as Jamestown, Copperopolis (say it aloud, it sounds cool), Coulterville and Sonoma. The mountain drive was pretty fun for James, and we got plenty of photos of the Jamestown sign.

We also passed by a place called 'Chinese Camp' (I presume this is where the Chinese gold rushers stayed) which mysteriously had a New Zealand flag flying outside the shop. However, I must say that the funniest thing by far we saw on the way was a building with this written on it 'Glory Hole Recreation Centre'. I now regret not stopping to take photos, but I'm sure there are already plenty of these somewhere on the internet...

The whole area was bone dry and boiling hot, so imagine our surprise when we arrived in San Francisco and found it to be put-your-jersey-on cold! But I'll save that for the next entry...

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