Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Trip!

We're off to South America next week so thought it was about time I dusted off this old blog to document our trip. Looks like I never bothered writing about our time in San Francisco after all, probably due to the fact that we were unfortunately a bit disappointed by the whole city, plus travel fatigue had set in... At least we got to enjoy Pixar's Up! in 3D about six months before it was released in New Zealand, and the highlight was definitely going to see Alcatraz.

Anyway, our plan for South America at the moment is to fly into Buenos Aires, stay for four nights, then fly to Santiago to take the bus over the Andes to Mendoza, and then it's up to the Salta/Jujuy area. This is where it gets a bit flexible and hazy, but basically depending on how we go, we'll probably end up at Iguazu Falls during the FIFA World Cup final, then a final epic twenty hour bus trip to Rio, where our trip ends when we fly back to BA to catch our flight back to Auckland.

Really looking forward to it all, and if we manage to come back with all our possessions it will be a success!

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